What happened in December?

What Happened In...


Hey! Welcome to a new year! This year is going to be slightly different for Queen Clo, instead of one post now and then I’ve managed to finally get my life together and prepare 3 posts a month… The start of every month on the 7th (so I have time to last minute edit in case anything amazing happens on the last day of every month) there will be a review of the previous month. In the middle of the month I’ve hand picked some incredibly talented writers of all different styles and vibes to write a piece. These should be up by the 14th of every month (this may be starting next month but check my Instagram or follow the blog to find out). Then at the end of each month on the 21st there will be a random post that I’ve written. If you would like to write something for Queenclo.co.uk then please do contact me! Anyway! On to what happened in December and what I’ve loved/hated!!

December, the best month of the year but my goodness, also the busiest. Here is a whistle stop tour of all the love and adventures I had in December.


Walking in a WinterWonderland

Some of my girl gang went for a trip to winter wonderland to get us into the Christmas spirit. We found out that we are not good at fair ground games but we are good at laughing at each other. We were desperate for this big teddy that EVERYONE seemed to have, but it turns out it is a lot harder to bounce a ball into a bucket than we thought it was. In the end it seemed that Hook a duck was our level games. Ps. Always pee before going on the waltzers.

Dance Christmas Meal

I am so so glad to have joined dance socially this semester, the friends and fun times I have had, made my semester. Here’s to more drinking and laughter next semester.

TGI Friday Present Swap

Last Viper of 2018

Kirsty had the bright idea that we should dress up as Christmas trees…. With our new found love of the hot glue gun we glued fairy lights, tinsel and baubles to our Primark tops. If you’re going to dress silly at least dress silly with your friends. Thanks for never letting me do stupid stuff alone Kirsty and Amy. When looking back at the club photos my bloody mistletoe was in wayyy too many photos. It was one of the first nights out of the semester which I managed to stay till the end of. Note to self, drink more water when I get in from nights out, the rare hangovers I get aren’t my friend.

Reunion with Friends

Straight home from university and straight out for food with cocktails with Jade. 


3 and a bit incredibly busy but wonderful days.

Tuesday consisted mainly of flying to Edinburgh from Birmingham and going to a bar to watch some live music in a local bar. The band were not sure who scouting for girls were (disappointing) but played us an acoustic version of Abba which we loved.

Wednesday we went for breakfast at hula cafe, I very much enjoyed my porridge and hazelnuts. This may have been up there with one of my favourite meals of the break. The afternoon consisted of a free walking tour, I have been to Edinburgh many times but it was nice to hear the history from people other than my family. We headed for a quick dinner at pizza express to make sure we had plenty of time to look at the Christmas lights at the Royal Botanic Gardens. They were absolutely beautiful and we took wayyy too many pictures. The evening I got to catch up with some relatives I have which was a nice relaxing way to finish off a busy day. 

Thursday we went for breakfast at a community cafe. If you are ever in Edinburgh you should go to Grass Market, all profits go back into the community and you can even buy a meal to pay forward for a homeless person. The day consisted of visiting Edinburghs museum, a place I have never actually been even though I have visited the city many times. We had a lot of fun in the kids section upstairs…. and played all the games. I enjoyed seeing Dolly the sheep who is on display there (defo worth checking going to the museum just to check out Dolly). We spent the morning here but could have easily spent all day there. After we popped down to new town and had a wonder around. 

We went ice skating in the evening and spoiler alert I hated it. Turns out when you have no balance walking you’ll have even less balance on ice. After two goes round I called it quits as I did not enjoy it at all. I caught up with my Scottish babe Anais after dinner and went for some cocktails. 

Meg and I had breakfast at spoons at the airport. The airport process was quite smooth due to it being early on a Friday morning. When I landed I went straight to Asda to get that dollar to pay for my next break.



For dinner we had Nan, grandad and great nan round. I had been absolutely spoilt this Christmas and it really made me grateful for the people I have in my life. 

Mum’s birthday

Drinks at the Botanist and movies in the evening. Mum and I finally got round to watching Mamma Mia 2 and it did not disappoint. Mamma Mia 1 and 2 with wine night anyone?
New Years Eve

Jade and I headed to Uxbridge to visit Kirsty. Joined by Megan too this is our Zante to squad. We had such a funny night and got very drunk. As cringe as it is, it really is amazing to have friends who love and support you through everything in life. I ended up in a and e on New Years day because I’m a mess, and Jade didn’t hesitate to take me, what a gem she is.


What have I loved or hated?

I very kindly got sent a Winter Retreat, which is a self care handbook by Build A Life You Love. If you’re anything like me you probably lead a busy life and forget to schedule in time to look after yourself. During winter my mental health takes a slight decline, I’m not sure whether it is because of the cold weather or what, but sometimes during the month I feel very crappy. The Winter Retreat allowed me for one weekend to stop think and breathe. If you don’t have a weekend to spare that’s okay, each section in the book can be broken up into daily doses of things to do. It is filled with quotes all the way through (if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I loveeeee my quotes haha). It really has been my saving grace this winter and has helped to keep my mind calm during the busy festive period. I have been given a discount code Chloe10 for 10% off, and you can get the book here https://buildalifeyou.love/winter-retreat/ Also! From today there is a digital version of the retreat that’s also available to buy, which is perfect if you want to take it away with you.

Another thing I’ve been loving this month is my new foundation. I struggle with very oily skin and find that most foundations come off my chin and cheeks almost instantly. I’ve tried a whole host of primers and have really been struggling. I decided to swap from my trusted urban decay one back to my teenage love benefit (thanks mum for making me obsessed with a brand I struggle to afford). Touch wood, it has been one of the best foundations. I am desperately look for a full coverage foundation that will last me on nights out, so if you have any suggestions please let me know.

I have moved away from my red eyeshadow and branched into more of a gold colour. Will see if this continues for 2019. As I write this I have done one night out in red eyeshadow again, so seems I have already slipped back into old ways.

TGI Fridays, this place is my favourite place all year round and the Jack Daniels chicken strips are forever my favourite food. We had our girly present swap meal here and it did not disappoint. Will always be obsessed with you TGI Fridays.

The one thing I hated this month was flying, I am not a frequent flyer but I normally don’t mind it. The flight there the pressure in my brain was intense and it made me feel incredibly poorly for the day. On the flight home no headache, but very cramped seats and it felt incredibly stuffy. Thank god it was only an hour flight, and I don’t have another flight booked till July.

My goals for this month are to spend more time focused on tidying my life (and most importantly my university room) and to take a weekend to relax (and probably do some sections of the winter retreat book again).

I hope this year is the year you become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

All the love,

Queen Clo xx

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